Terence McKenna - Cultural Frontiers in the Information Age (rough draft)

Transcript of a talk given by Terence McKenna in New York City on April 29, 1994.

The occasion for being here if there needs to be an occasion is that the invisible landscape is finally out in the new edition it hasn’t been available since 1975 and somebody said to me you know it’s really good that the invisible landscape came out laugh because you actually sort of went downhill from there which I agree I think the best P it’s also the lead compromising its not something you can shout about four feet behind the footlights it’s more the brother can make mechanic collective stabbed in mortality anyway it’s available I think it’s a very interesting book I hope you’ll read it it’s the companion volume 22 hallucinations which has been out in hardback three year but is now all go out in paper so much with the necessary self-promotion ok this is called this is called either dirty girl at his street jeweler and I’m not sure which because I hurried past the post this morning when I wrote down the the title my notion with this lecture is to talk about is there any reason why smart people should hope in other words one combined intelligence with hope and not betray one or the other is the only reasonable position intellectuals and people keep in western tradition and hit 31 of total hand-wringing head-scratching despair at this is the official position of the culture of the matter back hope is very sweet or that was until recently there is now I think turning the corner on this issue in the culture here first of all simply because despair has been done very well by a number of people the French got there nobody is gonna beat them and we’ve been at it since nineteen the and I think the various positions have now been run through so is there a reasonable basis for hope and how deeply do we have to reconstruct the premises of our world view in Nordic to legitimate leave believe in the human enterprise are still stand each other well the answer is you gotta go deep we’ve been on a bummer for a long time western civilization enshrine simple myth 3 the law firm of dynamic entry fee which is a huge bring down it basically says everything apart everything did the page into less structure last order everything is leaving and from materialism we’ve learned to accept the idea that gap is gone and grave your comp hope that a series of very quote unquote existential have been built in who western civilization over the past three or four hundred years with greater and greater and this hopelessness is a cunt comment to the rise of hierarchical managerial structures in the Western society and other where it a precondition for hierarchical management of society is the dog will be used hearten populate stabilize in an economic system that places a premium on low awareness repetition on creativeLIVE and this is the kind of situation in which many many people more and more people find them so because I have an innate intuition that the universe is more poverty enterprise than that and because I think barry examination of nature would support this anti existential position I thought if you wanted to talk about this this evening and show how some of the things in my ear which are most misunderstood and misrepresented are in fact in orbit around attempt to empower optimism in the domain of believability I mean it’s easy to be an optimist but you know to be an optimist and be cool nahi I think that our world view older has overlooked two fundamental back about the nature of reality and the absence of least two fundamental back in our model of how the universe were is what has given such a downward trajectory in factionalism existential despair a broken connection to nature and in some cases to each other who fundamental things were overlooked I want to discuss them and then show how the recovery of these thing needs in two illegitimate optimism gave the first thing that science overlooked and by science the entire western value package with science the politics or religion the aesthetics because it is all derivative and transformed classical values what lives overlooked what what I call the conflict 80 P now what I mean by this is something very easy for you to convince yourself happening the conservation of novelty is simply that over time the universe has become more complicated new level of complexity become the pound 8 more yet deeper level of complex and this phenomenon of the production and conservation of what I call novelty is not something which goes on only in the biological domain or only in in the cultural domain or only in the domain of it is a trans categorical impulse in reality meaning it’s everywhere everywhere the universe with born in a state of great simplicity there were no lapham there were no molecule there were no stars there was only a plan for negotiation of energy the physics for describing this were very simple as time you could almost imagine complex decrease the line thing out of the universe that cool cool new properties emerged what David bomb emergent properties come out of the universe so makes a comic form this creates an entirely new domain of Master different from the plant that preceded it as the University School matter aggregated into stars to our cookout heavier elements among them carbon carbon that the stage for poor Vaillant complex polymer chemistry that sets the stage for life emboli the stage for complex life complex fly that’s the stage for multiple cellular advanced animal land animal so forth and so on you see what the problem is here it’s that each emergent property becomes the building block for a new they the craftsmen atomic systems allows the physical world the generation of carbon chemistry allows the organic world the complex application of advanced animal allows the conscious world of human culture and civilization now implementing a note about this is it’s patently obvious I don’t think we have to beat each other over the head with it it’s pretty clear that it’s true and that is happening yet science has never joined in this perception of the obvious finance believes in evolution but in biological but declined a completely non progress where random mutation meet natural selection and out of this comes and ever differentiating form but an orthodox evolutionary biologists will be quick to tell you you must make the intellectual error thinking of this progress or a man or movement toward the goal either all highly illogical ideas that science expunged from its evolutionary theory so it is biological process is not seen as program and yet what i’m saying to you this evening is that not only is biology program but it emerges out of an empty seat and progressive process the evolution of physical matter and the the physical universe of stars then and anticipate a deeper man who progressive integrate in the poor health true language human being the creation of material culture the elaboration of the Arts and Sciences so forth and so on ok back then that I think fairly obvious and yet financed by denying it you know arrow of purpose in the world of human existence when you go to the universities and you ask what is hit three you will be told that the trend blithely fluctuating process will be happening if the trend blithely fluctuating profit it is the only product this every behave every kid behave in that fashion problem by their very nature have an innate predictability so that the first thing that I think and the world view derivative of the has overlooked that from the very birth of the universe there with the progress at the van into complex that built on previously at reeve level and Adam braided hose level brought them to fill a deeper expression of novelty and complex application until we arrived at this moment in the city and I submit to you this is the most complex moment in the most complex place in the univers to date because we have the physical world the natural world your basic human world your bait industrial human world the world of electronic human integrate the world of coke modernity we are living we are the inheritors of all the complexity that preceded ok so then that brings me to the second point empowering them is fairly radical and the game I appeal to your observational intelligence nothing is going to be a thirty that runs counter to intuition but what is asserted runs counter to the description of reality that we’re getting from the second point be related to the first it is not only has novel Pekin and bill on what had been achieved in the past to move toward the future but the two-point this is the more important II they have advanced in the novel P&P complex has proceeded more quickly than the Pave which preceded in the universe is in the state of asymptotic accelerate and this has been completely ignored not ignored being eyed by the time I mean science that everything interesting happened at the beginning of the birth of the universe in a few very for your a number of physical they came and win a number of physical superseded each other but after a few minutes the universe that will be in two instead the cooling along the lines which week the around and then science that if some unimaginably different point in the future the stars will burn out and tropic heat death will be heading in all structure will get the paper and the whole thing will be a parade away like to help itself outlet to maintain that kind of view of the universe you have to completely ignore the importance of biology now it so happened that we live around the berry they are that probably have the life span of seven or eight billion years but this has given me the ability and the enduring from a her the light of most cars are on the order of half-a-billion to a billion years lives have been active on this planet for a billion and a half years as a cross with lying is this persistent stars themselves in fact more so now we know that stars are simply large nuclear furnace which eventually used up all their fuel in the rundown but what like we’re not at all hardly to speak of intelligent life and intelligence are the wild card in the universe dan we now have a buyer to a planetary civilization to the electronic storage of information for young and we have only been that this global cultural getting her about the years it’s very clear to me at least that life is a a process there as important in shaping the eventual death to me of the universe as physics or chemistry and that intelligence also plays the role there well if you have a universe that is building on campus on achieved a novelty and building back better and better than you have the universe which is consuming its share of time if you will a universe which is building toward thats conclusive much bath then the entities the being embedded in it might oppose and I said that in order to hope you have to dump the whole scientific view of the universe you also have to take your own human much more serious as a way to let us escape from moral obligation though and each other find proclaimed the morality of the human hearing that we are rose on a minor planet around an uninteresting typical gallup the we are no more than animals we will have our moments we will butter out we will leave a greasy trace in the shale and that will be it and therefore talking about higher use love nicole obligation in full for thought to be terribly old path I take an entirely different view harking back to the Renaissance human with the engine and I think that human being on the planet and the kind of society that we live in is an enunciation I’ll be approaching them into higher level of nothing is nothing come unexpectedly you know how to read the fine and for a very very long time the human species has been knitting itself together claiming technology which allows the manipulation of energy letting at the population run uncontrolled or an ever expanding cultural and technological frontier the presence of Parcells on the planet is the major evidence but a transcendental process is underway here if this was a plan of chipmunks glaciers butterfly and caribou herd you are winning evolution with a few twiddle would be perfectly adequate to explain what is going on here but an acceleration of pro in the limited domain of biology beginning about a million years ago indicates to me that we are now entering the short epoch meaning these period in which the evolution of novel p occurs so rapidly that transition from one domain to another actually can be noted within the lifetime of single human being it’s an enormous active intellectual Acrobat to deny that we appear to be feeling toward catastrophe at eight thousand miles an hour with nobody able to figure out where the break I believe government scientific industrial democracies are simply now managing the terror of a popular because they have no clue as to how to hold direct manager control the processes that they have in motion population extraction of mineral occupation of the environment the raising of middle-class expectations in the heart of billions of impoverished people in the third world The institution’s which created the situation have known no at the how to direct and control it this is why we’re not getting any kind of leadership from the top why everything is managed toward a deadly meanwhile technology which is the downloading of human ideas into the domain of matter is proceeding unabated around with me we have hardware but which we have not yet written where because we have no idea how to take advantage of the machine that have already been put in place there is no one planning the evolution of our integration into our technology you are free to write any kind of software you like no one can foresee then the consequence of all of the technological development software what we’re hardware being stirred the planet has shrunk to a single informational point the pathing every day we brings us closer and closer to what kind of informational penchant reality with each other well I believe following the dictum but nothing is that we can from what is happening to it now extrapolate this adventure in transformational nobel peace that is now looming ahead of us with such present that it passed an enormous shadow over the three-dimensional landscape of historical becoming and we have modern are very conflicted about because the only vocabulary we have to deal with something like this is the vocabulary of credited religion before the rise of before the rise of technology when when religions presided over a much more slowly moving easily managed world great thinkers of all persuasion through meditation and divine inspiration whatever for that man during the with the journey from the demonic to the divine and that his street was somehow the stage of human redemption that you died with the rise of secular capitalism and industrial democracy and yeah here in at the height of the trajectory of the enterprise of Science and materialism news come from the rain or from the Aboriginal people of the world that there are technologies of a different sort that have been in place at least the last time these are neuro technologies while beyond epic relationships with plan pharmacological approaches to manipulating human memory aspiration aesthetic concerns or so on these psychedelic information had been presented to as the nine opposition the landscape of the Union unconscious PR event happening in the human brain mind for concealing these are all reduction explanation I believe that what the psychedelic they are are actually a sense to a higher order for me and by friends I mean the word in the dimensional context and the mathematical idea that here we are deployed in three-dimensional matrix the path paid him who unknown ability the future fades into one nobility and only the crudest at least improving of process like the rising of the Sun and the tide can be propagated into the future with confidence what common in contrast to be is a hyper dimensional universe of information they think the past the origin and they the goal the company the place where there are aboard bake sale in the mouth Lee who are locked in linear history don’t have this perspective and what we have is that meant things like many things I P about the future we map the unknowable future onto the prison because billions of our own yeah and vice versa and lead build a universe that is characterized by existential a bit the unknown future the inevitability of death and the impossibility of intellectually stimulating what that means shamanism isn’t like shamanism is a practical point of view what fractal structures that have their subsets in bed to dinner setting bedded in them so the course of the history of an entire people can be known by looking at the history of an individual or ban all week berga level above and below them entirely different from the kind of linear his street that we get in a hierarchical scientific society it is more character with Miriam and this is a very important point because the two phenomena that I tried to call your attention to argue for hope are self-evident accumulation of novelty and the self-evident acceleration of that accumulation of well now notice the praise they’ll be happening before not things that you have to advance to please you cannot things revealed to the holders that would ban read this is that one can tell by be linked into the world the structure of the linear society has been empowered the individual we are all now we have bought the the Hobbesian notion that we are social animals in a vast machine so with the greater purpose then we can know this is actually hogwash as you move away from the human individual the conscious about what it happening becomes more and more low-grade endometrial I you have the consciousness of the giuliani administration the consciousness of the american government you see as you as you widen the bank then it becomes more and more primitive more and more simply a matter of stimulus and response but you supposed irrelevant at the center of the Prophet make very subtle judgment take in information of all compared to entrap way understand this is the satellite thinking going on but we don’t reclaim our own minds we look for guidance and yet it was institution that guided the moment though the character of the next advance in the novel is it from my point of view malleability different it is boundary this is what is happening this is why great well great poverty must come to terms with each other it’s why the first world and the third world come to terms with each other it’s why gays and straights must come to terms with each other boundary dissolution is what is happening and this is been going on for a long time but it affected our peripheral technologies first almost without a notice saying it we’ve gone from a world where information move to be the gala to a world where all information is cocaine space is only an illusion of the plebe everyone now with their with their computer network and their connections knows that the world has become a kind of virtual point and yet still we maintain the most toxic of all depictions to come out of the Dominator experience the thick of the individual ego the maintenance of the picture of the girl is what is exacerbating a smooth transition into a new world order because people have one put in the materialized collectively virtual healing toned experience they future but they also have one but in the computer I’m sorry in the consumer packaged objective by constipated linear acquisitive clap contract sex conscious race-conscious pass and each one of us is that you thought the peach one of it is trying to make some kind of a alloy Arcadia lead to functional cultural past and the incredibly compelling yet frightening ng dimensionless boundary polymorphic polyamory future and to my mind them the role playing in the hall is critical because they are catalyst for change if you are not moving as fast as the general wave but not hopi psychedelics will bring you up to speed will go from being utterly incomprehensible and horrifying to simply being if you are up to speed and you with the with the cultural way and you panic failures of Delhi you become a poor poor trading halt threatening understanding because make no mistake about it as we close with the transcendental object at the end of time there is going to be a lot by break accumulate on the superstructures of the social care oil if the air coil cannot be redesigned and light as we approach the barrier we will be ripped to peak this is you know a pretty well in 1905 history is a race between education and it is gonna be a photo you know if we have a smear through the ship and nature conclude that intelligence is something never again to put into the hopper then it will be an enormous tragedy because we didn’t go down without a struggle we have the technology the ideologies be compassion and caring world we are not a lost cause yeah but we may end up a lost cause and people been well what should be done no question what then should be done well I came up through the whole thing in the sixties and all that and I’m very wary of oratory political prescription for what should be done I mean we saw that the best team in Marx’s turn them to the most horrifyingly regimen totalitarian societies goodwill is not and what is to be done not only no but considerably less than and what I mean by there is that the real solutions to our problems lie in the series of negative do not believe ideologies has poisoned the planet ideologies is bankrupt it’s a skin game it’s a shell game it’s only remark and mark it it is your dignity as the body to get me gee i mean after all where the writ large the talking monkey should understand the nature of being anyway belief is an incredible cop out on intellectual true because belief preclude believing in the fall and so this is a limitation you become your own boss and the ideologies of the 20th century or so shoddy and hobble together or condo value they’re not worth believing in any way the conditioning are still from believe some people call it I call it good I’m not a single person but I know shipped from China and I don’t expect people who don’t have a lot of respect from the rest of what does it mean if you’re not then that means you can to proclaim the difference between boot polish and excreted ok don’t believe that the next thing which comes out of that and is an even stronger don’t follow following position followed by president follow and bad that follow you know why follow all of the group wrote these and reach these are simply flimflam artist they’ve had years to get on together and run them on you believe me I know I’m a recovering Catholic you fight your way free of belief and then do not follow do not follow it it’s an obsolete tasteless thing and there’s no human dignity in it whatsoever them harder one or more radical one the one that might get do not prepare for obvious reasons and then not the reason the obvious reasons are out check made the matter is wrecking the plan if everybody on her had what the people in the front row here have there wouldn’t be enough metal glass plastic and petroleum in the planet to provide that kind of life style to the billions of people who now fire none of this stuff brings happiness I recently had the appearance of having my 75 or grenada blow up on in the middle of the night so I had to buy a new car so I i went down a year and up a brand and I got it for BMW and cost me to Graham and I guarantee you one you have the little thing on the steering wheel but quite turn it you don’t need the $90,000 model what we should all is why don’t any thing which happened already been made a lot of that’s been made up all over the place I see it in manhattan going for a bundle if if we what we need to do you see is read to all our values so that what is new in OD in da club thing and not to be found in the better home the old things are the better they are here’s a fifty year old chair line 500 euro care how much better we need who the film and I we all become the Chippendale furniture and I think that is the plan either but the endless consumer object is wrecking the planet and then finally finally but another negative and this is a slightly more difficult to follow required the little guy to take it we shouldn’t watch we shouldn’t watch watching it kind of boy you’re in a dome map you’ll year and he that we are permitting or so because we think there are too many of us to do but I don’t think this is true I think watching is an incredibly empowering millions of people live away larval live watching and a half hour of TV a day and that long as they say in their home you know back everybody is happy but they participate not at all in the fire there the mark and they can they can the media the entertainment week low dial the brand they are the more alone who are keeping the running and I assume that largely the people here tonight or not we’re the people who grind out all this I mean I feel I do I write book I produce idea they are great for the marketplace Harper in Bantam don’t care what I’m thinking what they care about is how the book now you know product number thirty to 40 58 how is it doing in the marketplace do not why because when you’re watching you’re not at the center of thing largely what I’m talking about here is reclaiming reclaiming been taken from this is why the new music and dance culture because white drug culture is why the celebration of sexual minority is so important because all about coming to grips with who you really are and how you really and then experiencing it you know you are not all it is not you’re here the more it you belong who and we have been told that we have to we have to make this is not true we are creating a world celebrate diapered that celebrate the unique person the complex application of our species is the proper directly dependent on the complex that we each bring to the process this the diverse that is spreading through city is a concomitant to the boundary and I really believe that that I am inability to make human being in the world as part of me to make them more love tape after eight years the failure to make it easier to come to terms with the transfer and then pull aspect of reality we are the best evidence there is something extraordinary really unusual is happening on this planet and that it’s not something we will go on for millions of years it began about twenty thousand years ago it’s that help advance thing now banding now declining and it take no prisoners you know there there is no going back there is no going back from the momentum that history has imparted to the human imagination there is only a going forward into what it called a poor word art through design through management and integration but we have to push the art pedal to the floor we have never designed we have never managed or or or allied we have never tried to make what we were her and the agenda and that’s why we created a man in the absence of enough that it could what we created is animal how global so now it’s time to pay the piper and Justin closing the catalyst now is a combination of technology technology and pharmacology the world that we are leaving behind the world that failed us with a world of ecology and mechanical technology and the ideologies one-by-one are going down the tube mark Boyd in fact they won by one will be discredited they came up and the mechanical technology they pollute they dehumanize they wrecked the plan that what is coming into play in the world where drug replace that’s why drugs to those who oppose them that why they hate you want to keep you want to take drugs to keep you want you want to escape fashion communism socialism financial is common knowledge in all of the 18 ecology into the belt presence of the body which means drug and syncopated new and the building of that we can continue that make the human toll present with the now the boundary illusion that I’m talking about includes the division between present and future this is what it means to end Tony in time it mean that the past the present and the future become a public domain where everyone then awakened to the fact which was always there to be observed that there is not simply one had told the path I have a path you’ll have a path it’s not only the futures we are going to are different we create our own reality at the beach and that an individual and what we are passing through here in the now in the flexor in the 20th century is a moment to community of began smell bill would again that’s where to ship to whaling ship that’s what we have here again a moment of dialogue and then we will each go back to our own private I but I think it takes me back to those private idaho’s is the awareness that human history the central important human being we are part of a universal adventure what happened to decrease the fate of a pack of universal proper circumstances we are not memorable irrelevant to each other or to the greater whole this is the truth of psychedelic that Aboriginal have always known and it’s the true that we have factored in order to make the product will be hearing the matter what the product will journey into math here has now been completed we found the top why are we shut down the supercollider now we need to go back to the problem of the human soul and there isn’t much time but the tool that have been put into our hands are the most powerful cool there have never been in the guy and connection in the vegetable mind the plan that we are trying to mirror and hardwired on human nature is full and affection for Humanity it’s up to us to discover that humanity and our because we have gone sour along the rationale and connected up with the bunch with the ref nature this is a process which is happening but it the bird it can go eat because we help or it can be traumatic because we’ve been driving the automobile three using only the rear view mirror that’s no way to predict we need to wake up call me turn on the light yet loaded and direct the human future toward I’m hearing about the relation but that we are pleased then turn the enterprise those who follow us we’ll take a brief break read like a book only be matured the break circulate around we’ll come back and do a half an hour and they thank you very very much for coming out asleep return themselves to higher states of order the order within the system is conserved so forth and so on yes practical mathematics is an intellectual revolution the magnitude of which has not yet fully appreciated I think it’s very very big deal it’s just that so much is happening in our world that it’s very hard to know what are the real ethical turning point and what it’s just lame lamb and hyperbolic but the power of practical mathematics has carried the human mind to a whole new level you know mathematics was not thought to be in that chiral science but its practitioners until very recently it was thought to be an abstract undertaking but it turns out its most abstract construction of the Curia congruence over population growth the organization of species in a rain 42 yes there is the cultural change that is coming is not superficial it’s not simply about club dance style and sexual morning it’s about all that but when it’s all over the map packs will be different will be different every thing will be different this is a major cultural values you have to question you wanna do I don’t think I gave it it worked basically number five is do not multiply replace yourself but do not multiply you know go forth and multiply no go forth and lightly track a better way to do it I mean I know I don’t want to get into it tonight but I talk time about how if every woman would have just one child the population of the earth would all by in 40 years and how the women in the high-tech industrial democracies are the most likely to get this message because they’re educated global concerned citizens and it is their children who are destroying the resource base of the world because the child born to London on the Upper East Sider berkeley consumers between 800 and 1,000 times more resources than a child born to a woman then and you know when I talked earlier I record in managing and designing society one of the things I think we need to talk about that has not yet come out to the sexual redefinition debate if I think that this whole thing about how do we pay my society and women are not getting their fair shake and what do we do about white male dominators and all that and how do we make men more like women or confront this is all somewhat talk to me in terms of the idea that we need to Family Night Man we don’t need to pay my man we need him a nice quiet and the obvious way to do that is returned to Paleolithic sexual ratios which were probably about 30 women who man rather than the strict make the effort to maintain that sexual balance of some kind of monogamy might plot and it maintains male dominance and a generally masculine character to the enterprise of civilization but if women were seventy percent of the population that with quite naturally corrected well your strategy strategy to your bank in the armpit while I think of Kurt Cobain’s suicide letting the question what do I think of Kurt Cobain’s suicide and the answer is a good strategy for advancing your career and you should wait till you’re a little bit deeper into year career anyway that’s my humble opinion that Primus did the battered and anyway I like oil so let me off the hook here I’m at my house guy I wish those people up but you’re more likely to find me listening to world without wall but the rational mind has a has a real ability tests hola the intuition the intuition never show it never grabs you by the lapels it just says maybe maybe that airplane is looks a little funny and then you get you don’t get on it and it blows so intuition is basically a function of listening and since it’s very hard for people to listen especially Dominator types are opinionated types like the key to into which is to listen it’s just like you know became too to make sure is to look I think I read a wonderful quote last week I think it was said thinking is better than no link but looking its best the whole and I think that’s a very psychedelic perception knowing is the worst of all knowing is a huge dragon and its camara anyway nobody knows anything don’t let them did you mean we’re monkeys here let’s not lose sight yeah well we’re going to live in a world where no consumption takes place i mean or we’re going to live in a world where population growth instantly hall there are more than one there’s more than one way to novelty out of them and simply repetitious League reading that’s a habitual activity and it does force certain kind of novelty but if the novelty born of desperation my notion is that you get much more novelty out of the system if every person is about you if every person has leisure time and opportunity for education and this sort of thing the impression than two novel P doesn’t necessarily mean an endless expansion of an inventory of available church is it means and vertical integration of these possibilities so I i think we are going to elaborate more technologies more connections there are going to be all kinds of unusual configuration generated but to simply suppose that we have to continue in the direction we’ve been going i think is some of state capitalism is not a human friendly mean I mean capitalism will sell the ground right out from under where you’re standing it is then it has developed a rapacious appetite for its own survival at the expense of human beings some means do I mean fascist them with the means saudi riyal and who the human agenda that major outbreak so the whole plan that halted what it was doing and stop that have and now we have residual out break here and there but in terms of the aggression into novel peak it isn’t a matter of human it’s happening around the clock its unstoppable the the cultural experience it’s becoming more and more psychedelic and that becomes more and more trance linear and to post newtonian literally society is entering into a kind of hyperspace or cyberspace some people call it I think of cyberspace is the liberalisation of hyperspace one of the Platonic gold the other is the human art back but seeks to realize that goal but definitely the cascade of novelty has now reached such an intensity that you have to be very lumpy and indeed I think not see it happening especially if you live in a town like this one this is the country often of the country s here one more and then we’ll call it quick here on the aisle his lap yeah he died a few years ago I’m not familiar with that book I i’m familiar with the major were Understanding Media Gutenberg galaxy what is your question I haven’t read it so I can’t comment such a dead for me to miss out I’ll take one more question here question basically was comparing contract involving fiber technology with human technology compare and contrast to try out the fam computers hiding things in parallel with a complimentary or they opposed what are they I think that computers are drugs too large to swallow that and that what we will see in the future is computers much more like drugs and drugs much more like computers we are going to see drugs that are in permeation based drugs so if you want to study a goal you’ll take a choline we’re going to see drugs which are so limiting in there that I mean imagine the form of heroin but it works ten times and then it would never work again for you in your life this is possible there are drugs which will I mean I think this is an interesting frontier drugs which only work for a while so there’s no possibility of distorted or addictive lifestyle because it works for three months and then it stops working and nobody spends money on something that doesn’t work we’re going to see the whole serotonin pathway redesigned through the transpose sex drugs we’re going to see psychedelic state simulated virtual reality we’re going to see the breakdown of three-dimensional space burst should persist the machine space and all of these things are essentially psychedelic effects it’s only this newtonian emphasis on product and the ego and body local that makes us see the drugs as somehow locked in the molecules the entire experience of human history is the psychedelic experience and we’re now in that place deep in the second hour where it all comes together they integrate some time to be unity of the multiplicity of phenomena is now in reach we are literally hardwiring the human unconscious becoming unconscious is ceasing to exist it’s becoming a smaller and smaller domain as it is transferred over into the hard wiring of the cultural data base we cannot become species we want to be with an unconscious mind that’s an artifact of the monkey phase that has no place in a global civilization and the making conscious of the unconscious is the combined task of cybernetics and pharmacology and I i that everything is on trapped and moving forward it seems to me the adventure is underway I don’t see myself as predicting something that will happen I have become the narrator phenomenon in progress if you’ll understand what to look for granted it will become more intense in subsequent episodes but all the pieces are now in play the challenge of postmodernity but challenge to the psychedelic millinery in this world is the challenge of our own daily lives and relationships it is here it is here are right and I’m outta here so thank you very much