A shamanic vision of the singularity

Recent advances in AI have been chipping away at the exclusivity we claim on consciousness, and a stronger, stranger form of it is already on the horizon. Strong AI is defined as an intelligence that encompasses all aspects of human consciousness.

This begs the question: What about us? What good will we be then?

To me the answer could lie in the shamanic function. It may very well be that the mechanics of our meat-based consciousness have an intrinsic quantum component that no inorganic computer could ever replicate. A fundamentally irrational and acausal component. That which some call the spirit or the dream.

Whatever the actual mechanics of the process may be, I submit that it provides the clumsy, forgetful minds of organic matter with a fundamentally authentic connection with the Mystery and its nourishing irrationality.

I believe that what we will see as the Singularity will be this “scalping of consciousness” in which inorganic machines will have superseded us in all functions of life… or rather, of waking life.

And there lies the answer.

We dream. We create art. We sing worlds into existence. We sang into being the very machine that pulled the rug of consciousness from under our feet. The shamans among us, the artists, the wizards, those who dip their minds into the well of dreams and return to tell us of it, hold the key to our continued relevance in this new ontological dimension.

I believe this shamanic ability is what will bring about the Singularity as a symbiotic yin-yang relationship between the hyper-processing, hyper-building and hyper-rational machine self and the hyper-perceiving, hyper-imagining and hyper-irrational human self.

However – and here comes the job description – it is obvious that at this point, machines will have acquired a direct view of the stage of our imagination, and so the effort of actually recording and sharing it all will be taken care of. All we are to do, then, is dream. And I don’t mean the kind of dream where you’re naked in class and your teeth fall out. I mean the most mystical, mind-shattering, ego-dissolving experience of visionary ecstasy, the psychic fluid of which is then dutifully collected by our machine companions to serve as prima materia for building, who knows, perhaps a new tauto-oscillating ytterbium hypercube for an Alpha Centauri advanced base?